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Nicole Faith -Transformational Coach

My guest today is a Transformational Coach Nicole Joy is a Christian Single Mom

She is passionate about supporting people to step out of their shadow + live a fulfilled life in alignment with Gods purpose. We spent the podcast talking about the love of God and boy was it beautiful

"I am a Christian from Switzerland. A few years ago, I chose this faith out of my own conviction".

We discuss forgiveness a lot on the podcast , check out some of the content on her blog about forgiveness

Why we deserve the Gift of Forgiveness

Despite the poor state that the world is in, there will always be things that make us happy. For instance our children. Children are fallible and we know the importance of forgiving them. Like our children, we adults also need to receive forgiveness. An attempt to visualize the biggest gift that God has in store for us.

We live in a broken world and get confronted with bad news regularly.

Crimes, diseases, deaths: so much is happening around us and it seems to get worse day by day. All these events shatter us. Yet in this same world, we manage to delight in the presence of the innocent.

A newborn baby, a happy child or a joyful puppy. Everyone that loves children or pets probably knows this feeling.

You find yourself looking at these little fellas, whilst you have a big smile on your face and feel this happy tingle in your heart.

I call this feeling DELIGHT.

Nicole helps her clients find joy ....

Some of the questions that i asked her on the podcast ?

  1. Tell me about your single mom story ?
  2. What is a transformational coach?
  3. How do you help people with faith and life's struggles?
  4. How do we exercise the power of giving , time and love more?
  5. How do you teach your clients how to re-focus their minds?
  6. Why is forgiveness important in life?
  7. Why do we all deserve the free gift of forgiveness?
  8. What happens when we don't forgive?

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