Meet Kasey Bass | American Ninja Warrior, vegan single mom of 5, professor, artist, & model


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Meet Kasey Bass | American Ninja Warrior, vegan single mom of 5, professor, artist, & model

As a ninja competitor, skydiver, & circus aerialist, Kasey loves taking risks. After having cancer in her twenties, her thoughts about risk changed.

Risk is unavoidable, but embracing it and thriving in the face of it is an amazing opportunity. It allows you to learn to trust yourself and surround yourself with brilliant people you would have never met otherwise. She make personal and professional goals now not asking what the safest course is, but what doors she need to open and who can help her open them.

A few weeks ago, she took her 5 kids (under age 10) on a cross-country road trip so she could compete in the National Ninja League World Championship. She trained and played at ninja and parkour gyms along the way and even did the flying trapeze at the Trapeze School of New York. Kasey said' I want our life to be like that—exploring what’s around the next bend and enjoying every new opportunity. For me, being on American Ninja Warrior this year is an amazing example of that'.

The questions i asked in the podcast :

  1. Tell me about your single mom's story?
  2. How have you survived with 5 kids?
  3. Tell me a bit about your Ninja warriors experience?
  4. What inspired you to take part?
  5. Tell me about your stunt double skills/experiences?
  6. Do your children think your super woman? Where do you get your strength from
  7. How do you time manage as a single mom?
  8. What advice would you give a mother that wants to become a stunt double?
  9. What do you do if and when you are hurt?
  10. What exercise/food advice would you give mothers on staying fit?
  11. Do you think women can have it all?
  12. What advice would you give any single mother listening
  13. Where can we find you on social media?




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