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Kaywanda Lamb- Coach, Author

Kaywanda Lamb is an author, speaker, blogger, soon to be podcaster, and The Winning Single Mom. Her journey to being a sought out speaker, encourager to single moms everywhere, and a transformational coach began when her boys were just 2 years old and 2 months.

Kaywanda had a choice to make: stay in a relationship that didn't honour her or raise her boys as a single mom. She decided to take option B (betting on herself and God) and has spent the last 2 decades chasing her dreams and raising good babies.

She returned to college 4 times in that span, holds a Masters in Spanish Lit, and is a certified principal. Her motto is “do it anyway!” because you can dream about it or you can be about it. She now spends most of her time showing other women they, too, can parent well, thrive, and win!

Kaywanda hosts a brunch series around the U.S. called Brunch and Love which includes a luxury brunch experience for single moms plus wisdom from today’s top relationship experts. Kaywanda believes women can chase their dreams and raise great children but single doesn’t have to mean forever. You can find her speaking on women's issues, diversity, faith, and single parenting while working in the non-profit she founded and her latest project, The Single Mom Success Academy.

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