heysaturday- The Art of a Killer Dating Profile Pictures


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heysaturday- The Art of a Killer Dating Profile Pictures

How you present yourself online matters. How you present yourself on dating apps matters even more.

My guest Today @saskia_nelson kick-started ‘dating photography‘ in 2013 and have carefully selected all our amazingly talented dating profile photographers. They are all pretty special, you’re going to love them.

There is something exciting about being able to see an idea of what someone looks like as you read through the information they chose to share about themselves. The romantics like to craft a narrative in their mind about who this person is, how they sound, what they’re like, what they may be like together. All of this is made infinitely easier with a few pictures.

Saskia tells me at Hey Saturday, they specialise in just one thing. Providing the best dating profile photographers whose passion is to help you visually share the story of what it’s like to date you – indeed be in a relationship with you.

We want to help you create a set of dating profile pictures that make you stand out from others. That show people why they should date you over others. We want your profile pictures to connect emotionally with your ideal matches and inspire them to reach out and connect with you.

If you can pique people’s interest in checking out your dating profile, you’ll massively increase the number of matches you get from people who you vibe with.

We currently shoot in: UK Birmingham | Brighton | Bristol | Edinburgh | Glasgow | Liverpool | London | Manchester USA

Here are some of the questions i asked in the podcast .

1. Tell us about the Art of Dating profile picture?

2. How do we create a banging profile picture, how do you show someone happy and fun?

3. I love the fact your podcasts are so short. why did you decide to go with this?

4. How can you show up authentically on your dating profile? How do you show confidence when online dating is scary as hell?

5. What should you wear on a dating profile picture?

6. What's the best app for find Mr or Mrs right

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