Child Marriage Survivor PAYZEE MAHMOD Story- Campaigner against child marriage IKROW


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Child Marriage Survivor PAYZEE MAHMOD Story- Campaigner against child marriage IKROW

A survivor of child marriage, who lost her sister Banaz in a tragic “honour” killing, Payzee’s focus to prevent “honour” based abuse and child marriage could not be more personal.

A Kurdish immigrant, raised in London, with a successful career in the fashion industry, she uses her voice to speak out as a survivor – not a victim – and has made it her mission to be a changemaker, helping to tackle these harmful practices.

Payzee’s first step on this journey was to publicly share her sister’s story at Karma Nirvana’s Day of Remembrance in 2019 ' She shared her story on her TED TALK 'Child Marriage that got over 1.1 Million views'.

As an IKWRO ambassador and campaigner, her story and experiences have reached international audiences, including the Kurdish community. As well as sharing her own story, she has spoken widely on the need for changes to the laws surrounding child marriage and “honour” based abuse across radio, television and newspapers, including The Sunday Times and the BBC. Through meeting with government officials and the Home Office Minister to explain first-hand why change is needed, Payzee and IKWRO campaign for better education, training and legislation to finally make child marriage a crime.

As a fashion enthusiast, Payzee draws on her kurdish roots and everyday life in London to inspire her handmade clothing designs. She loves the buzzing atmosphere of London and also travelling and discovering new places.

The Questions I asked in the podcast :

  1. I watched your amazing / moving Ted talk on ' End child marriage' please tell us your brave story and your beautiful sister Banaz?
  2. Why is understanding 'Honour killing so important? What gave you the strength to break your silence and seek justice?
  3. One girl under 5 is married every seven seconds according to save the children - why are charities such as IKWRO so important (Child Marriage survivor?
  4. How can we do more against child marriage? The government pledges to raise the legal age of marriage to 18 in England should there be more done.
  5. In Nigeria, 40% of the poorest girls are married by 15 compared to 3% of the richest? Do you think class and economic status have more to do with arranged child marriage...status bargaining with children?
  6. Why do we also need to shine a light on FGM? What can be done to educate the older generation?
  7. Please tell us about the charities you work with and how we can all help ?



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