Chengi - Relationship Expert - THE BREAKUP CLINIC with the Black Swan Relationship Academy


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Chengi - Relationship Expert - THE BREAKUP CLINIC with the Black Swan Relationship Academy

Cupping season is coming so guess what ladies let's talk to a relationship expert.

Chengi shares her story from divorce to relationship expert. Divorced after a 13 yr. marriage, and fresh on the dating scene it was a complete culture shock when she realised that men were not falling at her feet because she was a nice girl whose marriage material. Men were either too scared to approach her or those that were bold enough to speak to her were complete morons. Chengi said she CRIED A LOT...

She had zero vetting and verifying skills when she went on dates and she mostly wanted to cry in my soup and find an escape route on most nights. She figured if she did the numbers game, one would be a winner.

Chengi decided to take a dating hiatus, get to the bottom of it and started her YouTube Channel to share my findings with other women.

What she learnt was mind-blowing and combined with her Life and Performance Coaching qualifications, Theological training and personal experience what she was learning was impacting not only my love life positively but that of my subscribers too. I was learning that high-value men were not looking for nice girls instead they were looking for HIGH-VALUE FEMININE women.


  • What I will learn? How to deal with a Breakup
  • Mindset around a Breakup
  • Getting over a Breakup
  • Tools to allow yourself to bounce back from a Breakup
  • Show how a Breakup can be more of a lesson
  • That everyone is a mirror to show you something you could not perceive

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