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My Guest today Alison is #TheMarriageWhisperer

Alison aims to teach Singles How To Heal & Date Successfully To Find The Partner They Deserve #TheMarriageWhisperer.

Alison Wellington is a Certified Life coach and is the real trustworthy friend every single person needs, she is not only open honest with single she gives real practical advice.

Her innate passion for coaching women to take onus over their own lives before finding love originates from two places: the grit of growing up and striving in my hometown of Brooklyn.

Questions I asked in the podcast :

  1. How do you help Singles find partners?
  2. What are the biggest mistakes you see your singles making? I have a lot of single moms saying that they are dating the same kind of men how, why do you think women do this?
  3. I am so happy that you have this platform because I find that more men are telling women how to get a high-value man and it can come across as toxic and judgmental, why do we not have many females dating and relationship coaches?
  4. Where can people find you on social media?


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