Wendy Haslam: Owner Old Grist Mill, Adored by Cleo, Great conversationalist


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Wendy Haslam and her husband Marty love a challenge. With the desire to teach their two daughters and twin sons the value of work, they decided to open Old Grist Mill in Kaysville. Like many local businesses, Old Grist Mill managed to survive and even thrive due to efficient management and safety precautions taken by the Haslams. During the pandemic, they were able to handle increased catering orders, and provide exceptional take-out service as well as safe in-person dining. Wendy and Marty attribute much of the success of their business to the support of the local community. In her spare time, Wendy enjoys her grandpups and looks forward to their first grandchild. She's an athlete and can often be found cycling and laughing with her family and siblings. She may even start a podcast of her own....

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