Troy Wood: CEO Lakeview Hospital, Mountain Bike Coach, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Musician Blue Stone Band, Dynamic Leader


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Troy Wood firmly believes "culture eats strategy for breakfast" his leadership style is to provide an environment for success that creates high-energy leaders. He's famous for his commitment to the "The Chart of Supported Relationships" which replaces the traditional hierarchical organizational structure. By creating a safe place for employees, patients, and even board members, Troy brings out the best in people. As CEO, his attention to detail creates a culture of value and inclusion. Board Meetings at Lakeview always include a three-course dinner made by the Chef at the hospital. Within this culture, people feel safe to excel by contributing their very best to the nationally recognized, outstanding hospital.

Lakeview Hospital is part of MountainStar Health Care which is comprised of 8 hospitals and facilities in Utah. MountainStar Healthcare is a division of HCA Healthcare, the nation’s leading provider of healthcare services in 20 states across the country and in England.

Troy is a high school Mt. Bike coach and lead singer and musician in "Blue Stone" his band with his brother-in-law, Nate Swanson, and their sons. He's involved with local and national organizations that support the medical industry and the small business community. Troy serves on the Board of Trustees for Davis Technical College and is active with the Davis County Chamber of Commerce.

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