Dale Allen: “Dump It Pro” Kaysville Resident, Kaysville Business Owner


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Dale began his entrepreneurship as a young child selling stuff in front of his home. He caught the bug early and his passion for paving his own path continues with his newest company, Dump It Pro: https://www.dumpitpro.com/. Their Motto is “We Deliver, You junk It, We Dump It.” Their website provides all the information you’ll need to schedule your own dumpster delivery. Dump It Pro will let you keep the dumpster for 24 hours or more, which makes it much easier to take care of junk projects after work when it’s convenient for you.

The service that makes Dump It Pro very unique is that they schedule neighborhood clean ups which works on the honor system. Dump It Pro will deliver a dumpster and pass out flyers in a neighborhood inviting all who use the dumpster to help pay for it.

Do you have a xeriscape ‘trash your grass’ project? Call them they’ll haul off your extra turf.

Dump It Pro is a locally owned - Kaysville Business. Please consider supporting them and share this information with your friends and family who have junk to get rid of.

Dump It Pro believes in community and because of this, they often donate their services to help local families and businesses.

(801)960-3151 Text or Call To find out more about Dump It Pro !!

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