Crista Crane & Mindi Edstrom: ”Kaysville GIVES” Christmas Fundraiser -thanks to these volunteer Superstars!


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Kaysville Gives was created by Mindi Edstrom under the direction of Kaysville Parks and Rec. Director, Cole Stephens. It started 6 years ago as a fundraising event to provide Christmas gifts for 10 Kaysville Families. Over the years the program has grown with the help of outstanding community volunteers and the financial support of Kaysville residents and businesses.

Crista Crane joined Kaysville Gives several years ago, as a volunteer and is now the Kaysville Gives Director. In this capacity she works with her team of community volunteers with the support of Kaysville City's Mindi Edstrom.

This year, the Young Automotive Group has joined Kaysville Gives as a community partner. This sponsorship will make it possible for Kaysville Gives to provide Christmas Miracles for more than 65 families in Kaysville and surrounding areas.

Important Dates:

November 21, 2022 Virtual Gift Tags

December 3, 2022 "Fill the Fire Truck" Kaysville Fire Department 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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