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A reading from the new book, Hamlet in Exile, by Ulf Kirchdorfer. Hamlet in Exile is a collection of poems in which Ulf Kirchdorfer imagines the Hamlet from Shakespeare's play to travel to other parts of the world and in other periods of time. Poor Yorick had nothing on the Hamlet who ambles and sometimes tumbles from the Renaissance into the 21st century in this witty and ironic collection by Ulf Kirchdorfer. The young prince goes fishing, skates on ice, paints, plays Jeopardy and the guitar, muses on the troubles of American poets who, he finds, have spun his anxieties into contemporary webs of contemplation. Kirchdorfer's read his Ernest Jones, and his Hamlet is hung on pricks, pokes, holes, smacks, and snatches. This collection is a marvel of literary imagination.

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