261: Joe Pomeroy and How Grace Cancels Shame


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Joe Pomeroy is a businessman, speaker, and author. Today, Joe shares how he came to the end of himself when his marriage was breaking down, what he did to get help, and how he learned to accept grace. Now, Joe helps men apply what they know from business to their family in order to become the fathers and husbands they want to be. Joe’s story reminds us that even when we feel no worth, Jesus still finds us valuable.

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Stories Joe shared:

  • How he became a family leadership coach
  • Growing up in a Christian family in Arizona
  • Realizing the struggle his family went through
  • Feeling like he needed to be perfect and going through shame cycles
  • The moment in his early 30s that changed his view of righteousness
  • How his marriage began breaking down
  • Feeling like he was pushing his wife out
  • Having a “man-sized tantrum” about something he cannot remember now
  • Realizing he needed help
  • Learning how to accept himself as he is
  • Discovering how to run a family like a business
  • Using the principle of ROI
  • Trying to create a business around business and family

Great quotes from Joe:

Now I recognize there is power in vulnerability.

Most of the time, I wasn’t in darkness. I was in shadow.

When we put ourselves in the right place, we’re able to be an instrument of God for others.

I believe that all truth belongs to He Who Is the Truth.

Every day we deserve love because God has declared it so.

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