7/2/22 – Shiur 377 – The Court’s ruling: LGBTQIA clubs at Yeshiva University: What comes next?


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When a Yeshiva is compelled by the goverment to take action that is K'Neged HaTorah, are they obligated to shut down in lieu of complying? Does the yeshiva have to split off from the university and re-open as a separate new independent Yeshiva? If the yeshiva follows the goverment's orders, is one permitted to continue teaching there? How should orthodox Jewry as a whole react ? This ruling affects all Yeshivos Is this reminiscent of the closing of Yeshivas Volozhin?

Rav Giftar on the YU clubs – 2:10 Rav Soloveichik on the Secularization of YU – 13:00 with Eric Baxter Esq – Becket Religous Freedom – Attorney for YU – 28:48 with Rabbi Efrem Goldberg – Senior Rabbi Boca Raton Synagogue – 45:25 with Reb Yaakov Sasson - Mechaber of Shiurei Harav on Sanhedrin, Musmach of YU, Historian – 1:01:35

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