7/16/22 – Shiur 379 – Beis Din in contemporary society


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What type of cases come before Beis Din These days? How does Beis din differ from an abitration panel? What can you do to avoid Dinei Torah? How are matrimonial cases (including Sholom Bayis) dealt with in Beis Din? The role of lawyers and Toyanim in Beis Din

***Guest Hosted by Rabbi Yehoshua Wolfe *** Menahel of Bais HaVaad Rabbincal Court, Lakewood NJ

with Dayan Dovid Grossman – Founder and Rosh Bais HaVaad Rabbincal Court, Lakewood NJ – 6:25 with Rabbi Yaakov Siemiatycki – Dayan, Bais HaVaad Rabbincal Court, Lakewood NJ – 21:34 with Mr. Baruch Cohen esq – Trial Attorney, Los Angeles, California – 36:32 with Mr. Gary Snitow – Trial Attorney in NY and NJ – 53:07

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