2/26/22 – Shiur 360 – An eye on Eretz Yisroel - Answer the call


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***Guest Hosted by Rabbi Pesach Lerner*** Chairman of Eretz Hakodesh

The battles against Yiddishkeit that are going on, and how you can make a difference with Rabbi Dovid Lau – Chief Rabbi of Eretz Yisroel – 4:54

The battle against the Kosel with Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz - Rov of the Kosel and Mekomos Hakedoshim – 15:45

Chizuk from his life and the life of his wife - giving over her last will and testament to Klal Yisroel with Jonathan Pollard – 23:53

Join American Jewry in the battle - One Kosel Campaign with Mrs. Leah Zagelbaum - Vice President of communications for Agudas Yisrael, Director, Am Echad USA – 41:51

Preserving Har Hazeisim with Menachem Lubinsky - Founding co-chairman of International Comittee for Har Hazeisim – 53:59

On the political front with MK Yizchak Pindrus - Chever Knesset for Degel HaTorah – 1:00:08

What was done, what's being done and the goals for the future with Rabbi Nechemia Malinowitz – Director, Eretz Hakodesh, Eretz Yisroel - 1:15:18

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