2/19/22 – Shiur 359 – When Torah and science clashes


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The harmony of Torah & science, Saga of the chicken without a heart

with Rabbi Kahane – Professor of history, Author of Tarnegolit Bli Lev – 12:26

Clashes of Gemara and science

with Rabbi Mendel Shafran – Dayan in Eretz Yisroel – 35:27 with Rabbi Dovid Cohen - Rov of Gvul Yaavetz, Flatbush – 37:47 with Rabbi Moshe Meiselmann - Rosh Yeshiva Toras Moshe, Yerushalayim – 49:13

How does science reinforce our belief in Hashem?

with Rabbi Dr. Chaim Presby – world renowned physicist, lecturer and author – 1:10:53

Previous weeks riddles – 1:29:38

מראי מקומות

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