11/20/21 – Shiur 346 – When a Chassidus splits......


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What's the Halacha:

Can a child be thrown out of school because of a parent switching affiliations? Is there an obligation to the child, or is a Yeshivah like any other private corporation that can do what it wants? Can a wife be fired because of her husband's actions? If parents sign a document not to change affiliations is it binding on the child? How much damage is caused to a child when he/she is thrown out of school? Historically, what effect does a Chassidus splitting have on family structure?

with Rabbi Zalman Graus Renowned Dayan, Toein, and Mechaber Seforim – 14:05 with Yair Bruck Labor and Employment attorney – 41:19 with Rabbi Berel Wein - renowned Rov, Author, Historian and Lecturer - 56:10 with Yehuda Geberer – Noted Jewish Historian, Jewish History Soundbites podcast – 1:00:46 with Mordechai Weinberger LSW - Well known Social Worker and Columnist – 1:21:19

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