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Black Rose Beauty Lounge Cassandra is a queer female hair artist who has been in the hair industry for 10 years, 2 of those being in her own private studio in Alliston, Ontario. As a colour specialist and 4-method extension technician, she is passionate about helping folks' outer self reflect their inner self. She is dedicated to curating a safe, welcoming space for all humans (2SLGBTQIA+ friendly!), and providing an experience above any other.

"I think the most rewarding part of my job is the idea that I am able to help folks' outer self reflect the way they feel on the inside. Seeing the confidence and happiness I can help spark in people brings me so much joy and satisfaction. I love hearing the classic line: "I can't believe that's my hair!" when your hair transformation is completed. The connection I form with my guests behind the chair is so special, and I am so blessed to have formed long lasting friendships with so many wonderful people. Maintaining the health of your hair and offering professional advice & education for at-home care while making your hair dreams come true is also extremely important to me."

Cassandra is passionate about uplifting not only her clients, but all those around her by sharing her story. Her whole life was turned upside down with the loss of her husband at a very young age, and taught her many lessons that most don't learn until later in life. Her sudden realization of how fleeting and uncertain life can be, sparked an alternate mindset in her. She quit her toxic job, disconnected with people and things that no longer served her and focused on healing. This also drove her to guide others to that same conviction and she actively advocates mental health, body positivity and individuality.

When it comes to sharing her knowledge and teaching new stylists, Cassandra is wholeheartedly invested. She loves providing a safe and nourishing environment for young budding industry pros, and feels she has a lot to offer when it comes to technical skills of the trade. She is also adamant in sharing with other hair artists the mindset that hair is hair, and should not be separated by gender, texture or otherwise.


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