Common Room Conversations 2: The Elephant in the Room


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WARNING: This episode contains political topics and includes discussions about sexual assault, physical assault, transphobia, depression and human rights issues. Listener discretion is advised.
This week on Hagrid’s Hut, Olivia and Rebecca discuss Joanne Rowling. They talk about her personal history, facts about her process while writing the series, the controversial things she has said and done that has broken the hearts of many fans, and the consequences of her actions. Rebecca and Olivia end the episode with a ray of hope and love as they discuss the reactions of her colleagues (and other people involved in the creation of the Harry Potter universe) to her transphobia.
The hosts of Hagrid’s Hut want their listeners to know that they do NOT affiliate with any social or socio-political views of JK Rowling. This podcast is a safe space where all are welcome. Discrimination against anyone by their color, ethnicity, sexuality/sexual preferences/sexual orientation, or religion is not tolerated.

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