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In the early years of the world, and where our adventure story begins in the lands of Erivone, there is a distinct absence of some of the larger animals, beasts, and monsters. Indeed it was often noted that due to the arrival of great Orc tribes, the Elven Rangers of the northern forests, and due to the magics of Erivone itself, Monsters indeed did not have a great many places to lay their roost, nests and claim.
However around the year 800 AC, Dragons began to return to this part of the world, slowly at first, after monster hunters had either died down, the remaining roaming bands decided to retreat to their own borders. You see, killing for sport does not typically last for more than a few generations, where the younglings of towns and cities are taught about care and respect of nature. It is harder when their own forefathers burned forests and hunted those occupants to make their own home, after all.
No, once the real monsters of world took up those regular roles in society, as tavern masters, blacksmiths and town guards, so too could the titans and giants of the world roam more freely, and so they did.
Dragons descended far from the north, and begun to roost in the Yagleback Mountains, or the Lamplight Swamps, each to their own,
Eventually the most cunning of Dragons would choose to weave their natural magics, to change form, and take that of the lesser people of civilization; for one very simple purpose.
You see, Dragons have a long memory. And a great many of them had lost members of their own bloodline due to those hunters and craftsmen. And so it is that we discover and learn more, about the Dragons of Solsheim.
Harsh and impactful, suspicious and wise, we first turn our attention to the Green Dragons. Those who would prowl deep damn forest spaces, jungles, swamps and more. The more covered and treacherous to the humanoids the better. If they could hide often in plane site, or even cave dwellings within, it would often be too late for an unsuspecting adventurer or ranger.
Noxious fumes and wicked teeth would be the end of those unprepared for such a torment.
The Dragon herself would not see the named and formerly brave adventurer, they would see their descendents. The one who would rip the teeth from the beloved jaws, and sell them as prizes. Grind them down to magical materials, and rip open their already broken bodies, to remove broken hearts.
Such is the rage of a Green dragon, and so too is the memory a power for vengeance, they return to the Swamps of Ga’ma and the Southern parts of the world. The Greens were more cunning though, as when parties of many people arrived, always 1 was let go, in the hopes of ensuring even more victims to the Dragons belly.
This does not mean, however, that all Dragons are vengeful creatures. However vengeance can often be forgotten for a form of justice.
This is where the Silver Dragons come in. Generally speaking amongst those who know the entomology of the Dragons, the Silverkin are far more on the side of justice, righteousness, and fairness. They themselves are often revered and idolized by the protecting peoples; the Paladins and Clerics, who align their goals to serve the greater purpose.
To slay a Silver Dragon is to commit a most heinous crime, punishable by 1000 deaths, or to take 100,000 paces on the Dust Road.
However a Silverkin is no less cunning than a Green Dragon, but it does not attack unannounced.
A Silverkin, likes to play at being a human, an elf, dwarf, .. a humanic kind, and hides in plain sight. By copying the mannerisms of those around him, the Silverkin gets to see the worst that the world has to offer.
A beggar pleiades for alms for food? And this hand is batted away? And then roughed up for dare approaching a bolt and gallous sir knight?
Perhaps a stableboy looking to hold a horse whilst a Mercenary Captain dismounts, and a boot meets his braces.
These are the things a Silver sees, and often seeks justice against those would harm the poor. They look for the Monster in Mankind, and when they have discovered them, it is too late for apology.
When their own ancestors have been slain by the likes of these bullies, how else can one grow, when they have been taught to hate?
There are many kinds of dragons that have since returned. We have even learned of those half-developed from Dragons, the Wyvern, and the one who had resided beneath Obaeron’s great well, and the great hoard that there awaited it as praise and tribute.
What becomes of that hoard now, I wonder?However the most dangerous Dragon kind of all, hidden yet proud, trackable yet unkillable, is the Roxicor the Red. Upon returning to Erivone, Roxicor and his family of Crimson Reds descended on the higher up places of the world, in an attempt to establish themselves as the masters and leaders of all. To demand treasure and tribute, and no longer to be hunted.To attack one of the Crimson-kin is to bring death and destruction upon your entire village.
To have Roxicor identify you, or worse as one of your descendants who may have caused harm to the Red, is to have the same fate.
So too, with the return of Dragons to the world, it leaves many questions to be asked.
What has caused them to return, now?
Who will stand up to these beats?
But surely if we leave them alone, they will only take those from us what deserves to go?
And how is it you will leave them be, when you may have not done anything, but your great, great, great grandfather had?
For surely there are not an infinite amount of places a Dragon can hide, or roost, or raise its own, without being seen?
And not too many high places, not to be defended?
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