#54 - Afwina Kamal - Hadiprana Design Consultant


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"Many things inspired my works, but nothing inspired me more than the people that live and work in the space that I create. I strive to understand their aspirations, to realize their dreams, for they are the fuel that fires my imagination." - Hendra Hadiprana’s quotation from the book, The Aesthetic Journey of Hadiprana.

After working for Budi Lim Architect for 2 years, Afwina Kamal (IG: @afwinakamal) received a scholarship for a Master of Architecture degree at State University of New York at Buffalo, with her final thesis, The Counterpoint in Music and Architecture. She earned the Summa Cumlaude & Chair's Award - Master of Architecture specializing in Design & Theory.

Upon completion, Afwina remained stateside and worked as a full-time architect with Macon-Chaintreuil, Jensen & Stark (MCJS), a Rochester-Buffalo architecture firm in NY state. It was during this time she encountered Hadiprana's design influence through a client she was working with.

Following her time in MCJS architect, Afwina returned to Indonesia and directly working for Hadiprana Design Consultant, that she has been working for the last 21 years. Her deep love for Indonesian culture and architecture is greatly influenced by the design philosophy from the late Pak Hendra Hadiprana's Unique, Eclectic and Contemporary Design. Listen in, as Afwina shares her mentorship under Pak Hendra Hadiprana and how his legacy continues to live.

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