Episode 83 💥 How to express your feelings in English? 🤩😔


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Most people when they get asked about the situation🗣️ they hear 🎧how is it going today?🎯So they respond I'm fine not good or don't ask me 👌it's up to the situation he is in 👍when he is happy,he may use some words like happy, content, glad ,joyful, delighted cheerful,excited ,thrilled, elated and on the cloud nine 🤩 when he is in a bad mood😔 he may use these words💥 sad, upset, blue, down, disappointed, heartbroken, helpless and miserable.💥 So listen today's episode is about your feeling when you are in a positive or negative Let's so be all 🎧 ears to get more details 🤩😔

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