Ep92: Magical Movements of Tibet - Dr Alejandro Chaoul


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In this episode I am joined by Alejandro Chaoul PhD, author, meditation teacher, Huffington Foundation Endowed Director of the Mind Body Spirit Institute at the Jung Center of Houston. Alejandro is an expert in tsa lung trulkhor, also known as Tibetan Yoga, and in this episode we discover the practices and encounters that kindled Alejandro’s fascination with this subject. We learn about Alejandro’s travels through India and encounters with gurus such as UG Krishnamurti, Namkhai Norbu, and the exorcist and weather maker Ngakpa Yeshe Dorje. Alejandro reveals the details of his path and practice, tells stories of his personal relationships with many great teachers, and his entry into academia. Alejandro also discusses the inner heat practice of tummo and I ask him about traditional dietary recommendations for yogis and the tantric practice of breath retention. … Video version: https://www.guruviking.com/ep92-dr-alejandro-chaoul-magical-movements-of-tibet/ Also available on Youtube, iTunes, & Spotify – search ‘Guru Viking Podcast’. … Topics Include: 00:00 - Intro 00:51 - Learning yantra yoga from Namkhai Norbu 03:55 - Studying trulkhor in Nepal 08:34 - The teacher-student relationship and what attracted Alejandro to the Bön religion 13:02 - Converting to Buddhism 14:14 - From Buddhism to Bön 17:08 - Being dismantled by UG Krishnamurti 21:15 - Studying with exorcist and weather maker Ngakpa Yeshe Dorje 30:55 - Stories of personal relationship with Namkhai Norbu 38:13 - Converting to Buddhism from Judaism 40:59 - Becoming a rug buyer 42:53 - Learning Tibetan and becoming an academic 46:01 - Studying Tibetan with Jeffrey Hopkins 49:07 - Alejandro’s pHD in Bön trulkor and joining academic study with practice 53:56 - The teacher-student relationship 58:20 - Interpersonal relationship with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche 1:00:21 - The magical movements of Tibetan Yoga 1:03:19 - Tummo ‘inner heat’ yoga 1:04:33 - Kum Nye 1:06:23 - Upcoming book on Tibetan Yoga 1:07:46 - Diet and semen retention 1:08:53 - Diet recommendations for yogis 1:12:25 - S3xual practices and semen retention 1:14:02- Working with Alejandro ... To find our more about Alejandro Chaoul, visit: - www.alechaoul.com - www.ligmincha.org - www.mbsihouston.org For more interviews, videos, and more visit: - www.guruviking.com Music ‘Deva Dasi’ by Steve James

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