Ep115: Jhana, Ego, & Orgasm - Leigh Brasington, Shinzen Young, Chelsey Fasano, & Dr Sanguinetti


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In this episode special guest Leigh Brasington, Buddhist meditation teacher and author of ‘Right Concentration, A Practical Guide to the Jhanas’, joins the ongoing conversation featuring: - Shinzen Young, meditation teacher and neuroscience research consultant - Chelsey Fasano, a Columbia University neuroscience student - Dr Jay Sanguinetti, Assistant Director for the Center for Consciousness Studies and Research Professor at the University of New Mexico In this episode Shinzen and Leigh engage in a detailed discussion about the variety of classifications of jhana in Buddhist scripture and the competing interpretations of them that exist today. They examine the contents and political context of 5th century text the Visuddhimagga and its author Buddhagosa and consider possible conflicts between its jhana system and the those of the Sutta and Abhidhamma literature. Chelsey reveals fascinating research on the neuroscience of pleasure and its relationship to meditational bliss, Jay shares the research on cognitive bias and religious belief, and the group ask the question if jhana and kriya phenomena are actually forms of epileptic seizure. … Video version available at: https://www.guruviking.com/ep115-jhana-ego-orgasm-leigh-brasington-shinzen-young-chelsey-fasano-dr-sanguinetti/ Also available on Youtube, iTunes, & Spotify – search ‘Guru Viking Podcast’. … Topics Include: 00:00 - Intro 01:45 - Sutta vs Visuddhimagga jhanas 06:53 - Complete absorption and nimitta 09:35 - Do jhanas confer an evolutionary advantage? 11:54 - Orgasmic jhanas 14:18 - Shinzen and Leigh discuss jhanas and lineage 25:40 - How enlightened was Buddhagosa? 29:55 -Sutta vs Abhidhamma vs Visuddhimagga 33:01 - Why did the Visuddhimagga become so popular? 37:14 - Leigh’s orientation vs Shinzen’s orientation 43:36 - The spiritual ego 47:11 - Cognitive bias and defense mechanisms in spiritual practice 54:38 - Sutta Nipāta on dogmatism and bias 59:05 - Is grasping fundamental to the brain? 01:01:54 - Leigh’s enlightenment test 01:07:34 - The nature of pleasure 01:14:28 - Reducing inhibition to reveal states of bliss 01:15:33 - Centre-surround neurons 01:22:25 - Sensory processing according to Buddhism 01:27:24 - The neuroscience of pleasure 01:32:43 - Jhana and kriya as kinds of epileptic seizure 01:42:58 - Leigh’s upcoming book on dependent origination … Previous episodes in this series: - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlkzlKFgdknxjhwG5wmXRVfrkeGczVPVI To find out more about Leigh, visit, - https://www.guruviking.com/ep18-leigh-brasington-guru-viking-interviews/ - http://www.leighb.com/ - Case Study of Ecstatic Meditation: fMRI and EEG Evidence of Self-Stimulating a Reward System - https://www.hindawi.com/journals/np/2013/653572/ - How Many Jhanas Are There? http://www.leighb.com/howmanyjhanas.htm To find out more about Shinzen, visit: - https://www.guruviking.com/ep37-shinzen-young-pandemic-edition-guru-viking-podcast/ - www.shinzen.org To find out more about Chelsey, visit: - www.chelseyfasano.com To find our more about Dr Sanguinetti, visit: - https://www.guruviking.com/ep102-dr-jay-sanguinetti-cults-science-the-dalai-lama/ - https://www.jaysanguinetti.com/ For more interviews, videos, and more visit: - www.guruviking.com Music ‘Deva Dasi’ by Steve James

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