Doing the hard things in relationships how to do it in a loving way? Episode #15


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This podcast explores my struggle with being loving while saying something is not okay by me. As I work through this and I recognize again this is the work of boundary setting again...I talk about Brene Brown's work and her talk about the Anatomy of Trust. She pens it with a lovely acronym we can all remember: B.R.A.V.I.N.G. The first letter, is my focus point, always: Boundary setting. I think it comes up in different ways to show me that the work here is never ever officially done. It is important to recognize that the more we grow and expand into who we are, the boundaries will be needed to held up by you. The thing that anchors me in is when I realized this.... "It is not selfish to stick up for myself. To let others know that this is not okay." We must always remember that relationships are a dance. But sometimes you must take the lead and teach the other how to dance with you. We teach people how to treat us. And when you stop and think about how you are in relationships it is important to ask yourself: How am I showing or letting others know how to treat me? Find the full story: Other notable resources: The Anatomy of Trust: Brene Brown:

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