6-29-21: Verbal McMahon, Phonk P


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The Quarter Inch Kings ft. Azariah & Zagnif Nori - Fly Kings

Tyler the Creator ft. Domo Genesis - MANIFESTO

Mike Titan & Killer Crab Men - Styles So Dope

Navi the North ft. Asun Eastwood & Dankery Harv - Powder Coat

Mr. Y The Baker ft. AG - Drive Byes

bRavenous ft. Ghettosocks & Sadat X - All Those

Caper ft. Portarok, Guilty Smiles & Mr. Ripley - The Omen

Carta P & Aaqil Ali - GGR Exclusive

Untitled - Untitled

Mike Titan & Killer Crab Men - Titan v Killer Carb Men

Older Zealous & United Crates - Habanero

Mosbeats & Ozer - Final Lap

PremRock - Soft Machinery

Deuce Ellis - Electric Soul

Cornerstore Connoisseurs ft. DJ TMB - Get Fly! Eat Good!

Struggle Mike ft. Smoke Bulga & Heem - Gotti

Madhattan - Canal St.

Verbal McMahon Interview

Verbal McMahon & Lord Zookie ft. Flee Lord - Southbronx

Verbal McMahon & Lord Zookie - Jordan 3's

Verbal McMahon Interview con't.

Ea$y Money ft. Termanology - Real Experience

Four Elements & Beyond - Lightwork


Jason Famous Beats ft. Mike Titan, A7mc & Nivek. B - Bang

Sime Gezus - Black Kidz at Skidmore

Certain.Ones ft. GeneralBackPain - Lucky Fk

Urban Sportsman (L.I.F.E. Long & FATCATHAYZE 156) ft. Fred Ones - Recollect

Vic Spencer & Mil Beats - Once Upon The Time

Phonk P Interview

Jacob Santana - L.O..T.M.

Dela Forte - Seprate Account

SHARP. & MIdaZ The Beast - Kyrie

Dray Yard ft. Wyze Wonda, Lord Luminous, Asun Eastwood & BloB - Murda Season Wonda Season

Beats Anonymous ft. ElCamino & Skyzoo - Blessed

Eto & TrickyTrippz - The Last Call (Remix)

Bub Styles & Camoflauge Monk - Voodoo

Hobgoblin ft. Jamil Honesty - La Doppia Croce

Homeboy Sandman & Aesop Rock - Go Hard

Final Shoutouts

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