4-20-21: Mark Borkowski & R.E.D, Raf Almighty (Dirt Platoon), Chubs


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The Inglorious Poet ft. K-Prez, Recognize Ali & RJ Payne - Crazy

Your Old Droog & Edan - The Glitch

Yahzeed ft. Rhinoceros Funk - Blunt Spit

Es - Not That Serious

St. Ivan the Terrible - This is Real

Fliptrix - Soul Ties

Untitled - Untitled

Juxx Diamondz - Lord Knows

Nivek Bogeezi & Craig G ft. Zagnif Nori - The Shutdown

Khrysis ft. Niko IS - Columbian Necktie

Eloh Kush & Ras Beats ft. Lord Sun - Perseverance

Gotham (Talib Kweli & Diamond D) - Olympic

XP The Marxman ft. Termanology & Illwerd - The Last Fight

O Dawg & Wavy Da Ghawd - Rapper Going Rouge

Innocent? & Fever - The Beginning

Mark Borkowski & R.E.D Interview

R.E.D ft. Vvs Verbal - Going Down

Mark Borkowski & R.E.D Interview con't.

FrankSynato (Frank D'Amato + Synato Watts) - Adamantium Lungz

Eric Bobo & Stu Bangas ft. OC & Ill Bill - Street Smarts

Ty Farris & Machacha - 4th Down Flow

Lex Boogie from the Bronx & Senz Beats - Big Portion

Kng Bondalero ft. Lord Juco - The Rulers Back

St. Ivan the Terrible - Child of the King

WateRR - Financial Excellence

Bandana P - Scarsayzie

Snotty ft. Hus Kingpin - Social Distancing

Jae Haze ft. Gzus Piece - Nostalgic Zaza

Weapon E.S.P - Bane's Physical Frame

Raf Almighty Interview

Raf Almighty - If You Can

Raf Almighty Interview con't.

Raf Almighty - Crowned Head (Interlude)

King Adroit & Intifada Beats - Deceived

Conway The Machine ft. Jae Skeese & 7xvethegenius - Sister Abigail

Chubs Interview

Chubs - Danger

Chubs ft. Chris Rivers - Cammo

Honey Dinero ft. Napsndreds & MIMS - Aries (Remix)

Final Shoutouts

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