11-17-20: Dios Negasi (Reagan Era Records), Jason Famous Beats


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Marv Won ft. Fatt Father - Clock On Em

Revenge Of The Truence & Alome - Smoking Stone

Deuce Ellis ft. 7xvethegenius - Black Love

Sojourn - Proximal

Barbaric The Foul Mouth Jedi ft. Zagnif Nori & Alvarez Masterminded - Black Jesus

Ambush Tactics - Big Money

Verbz & Mr Slipz ft. Confucius MC & Coops - Decline of Self

Skanks the Rap Martyr ft. Starvin B - Loud

Jamal Gasol & Quis Star - Consignment

Black Josh & Milkavelli - Fisher Price

Von Pea - Come Around

Zagnif Nori & DJ Enyoutee ft. King Author - Torchbearers

Rico Tellem ft. Rick Hyde - Table Talk

Him Lo & Eardrum - Target Practice

Young Black and Gifted - Lonely At The Top

B.A Badd & Bub Styles - Kane & Undertaker

Dios Negasi Interview

Reagan Era Records - 88 Kane

Ty Farris & Bozack Morris - We The Enemy

Ricky Lix - Painful Smile

Monday Night & Ty Da Dale - Derek Fisher

Roc Marciano ft. Schoolboy Q - Covid Cough

IamCruz ft. DJ Complex - 1982

Vanguard (Mr. Lif & Stu Bangas) - No Hitter

Jonny Empire - Decent Mid

Alpha Betic & Shadow Magnetic - Magnificent Poetry Author

Billy Danze & TooBusy ft. Havoc - One to Grow On

Spoda & Hobgoblin - Straight Gully

Hech Rhymes - Where's Chico

Him Lo - Stupid Prizes

Aztek The Barfly - Part III

Yellow Balaclava, Hobgoblin Beats & R.O.T - Despicable Gz

Krohme - Murder Town

Pawz One - Straight Gully

Jason Famous Beats Interview

Jason Famous Beats ft. Feral Serge & Reign Supreme - Cloud City

Kenyattah Black - Larry Merchant 2.0

Final Shoutouts

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