GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 1030: What's Next For Mayfield & Garoppolo


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Paddy opens today's show by discussing the first few games of the NBA Finals. What's going wrong for the Warriors? Are the C's just that good? Paddy has these answers and more. Paddy talks about NFL trade rumors, Baker Mayfield, and JImmy G's futures. He also talks about LIV Golf and what they are trying to do. Then Paddy ends today's show by updating MLB things and announcing his all-star lists. reach out to us on Twitter @GSMC_Sports to tell Paddy if you would l8ike him to finish the list. If you enjoyed this episode, follow us and subscribe to the show: you can find us on iTunes or on any app that carries podcasts as well as on YouTube. Please remember to subscribe and give us a nice review. That way you will always be among the first to get the latest GSMC Sports Podcasts. We would like to thank our Sponsor: Peloton Advertise with US: Website: Apple Podcasts: GSMC YouTube Channel: 4F6auhV_JDoMt-Y Twitter: Facebook: Disclaimer: The views expressed on the GSMC Sports Podcast are for entertainment purposes only. Reproduction, copying or redistribution of The GSMC Sports Podcast without the express written consent of Golden State Media Concepts LLC is prohibited.

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