Uncovering The Origin Story Of Beam Content with Brooklin Nash


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Welcome to a very special and first of many more to come episode of Growth Marketing Camp. We’re kicking off Growth Marketing Camp’s Founder Stories series, where we interview our favorite founders, pick their brains, and ask them to reveal all of their secrets to our audience.

And who better to start off this special series with than Brooklin Nash, Co-Founder & CEO at Beam Content. Brooklin is here to share his story, offer advice, and tell us what it took to start his business. You’ll learn his motivation that compelled him to jump into the Founding waters and the specific steps he took to bring Beam Content to the light of day.

In this episode, Brooklin shares some of the greatest challenges they are facing (as a new company), where lies the opportunity for SAAS brands, and the importance of getting very specific about what you do and what you don't do. You’ll learn how to uncover unique brand stories worth telling your customers, what kind of content to create and how to best answer the questions your customers are asking. Tune in and enjoy the ride!

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