How Gated Helps People Take Control of Their Attention with Melissa Moody


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This week, Growth Marketing Camp welcomes Melissa Moody, Co-Founder & CMO at Gated and co-host of their podcast, Finding Focus.

In this episode, Melissa shares the origin story of Gated and paints a picture of a new world she envisioned where people could take back control of their inboxes. She also shares how to get people aligned in an early-stage startup, the importance (& value) of building an audience even before you have a product, and the benefits of having a technical and marketing founder combo.

As a bonus, we chat about what led Melissa to leap into the startup space after spending over a decade at Google, plus what’s critical for her enjoyment of work and what inspired her to start a Slack community for marketers called 2 pizza marketers. This episode is a pure delight, so tune in and enjoy.

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