#24 - Building a Brand from the Ground Up: How Stryx Cosmetics Leveraged TikTok to Grow a Passionate Community of Fans w/ Jon Shanahan


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It all started with one question: Why is there no brand that is destigmatizing and normalizing self-care for men?

This is the question that co-founders Jon Shanahan and Devir Kahan seeked to answer with Stryx - a discreet men’s cosmetic and skin care brand aiming to help guys look and feel their best with ease & comfort. A radical problem needed creative solutions and Jon’s background as the founder & creator of The Kavalier, a menswear review site, came in handy when he discovered TikTok.

Now backed by over 200k fans on TikTok, Jon joins Scott to share his insights on this popular platform. Jon believes in TikTok’s power to educate audiences, so tune in as he details what makes this trending app so different from other apps. Plus, you’ll discover Stryx’s journey from defining their ideal customers to how they now have loyal fans and endless inspiration for exciting product ideas.

Scott & Jon also get into a very illuminating discussion about tried and tested tips of effective content creation, how TikTok embraces a constant testing mindset, as well as how brand founders can use TikTok to their advantage.

As TikTok continues to expand its reach across the globe, Jon believes that the sky’s the limit and that the platform hasn’t hit its tipping point yet so listen in and learn how to reach new audiences for your brand through harnessing the power of TikTok!

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