How to Use Instagram DM Automation to Get More Customers w/ Mike Yan


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Mike is the CEO and co-founder of ManyChat, the world’s learning marketing platform that helps people connect with their customers through messaging apps. Due to the recent DM chatbox automation feature from Instagram, users are now allowed to automate messages to their followers. Mike breaks down the many advantages that come with this new feature along with common growth tools.

Mike’s goal is to disrupt the 5 billion dollar email marketing industry by bringing the convenience of messenger to business and customer communication.

Tune in to hear Mike’s story…

[00:00] Introduction to Mike Yan

[02:19] ManyChat

[03:37] Big changes going on in social media messaging apps

[05:30] How to use chat box automation to drive customer conversion

[07:57] ManyChat subscription

[09:25] What is DM automation?

[17:33] Commons growth tool

[23:33] Final words of advice

[25:21] Favorite tool

[26:21] Favorite book

[27:00] Connect with Mike


Connect with Mike:



Mike’s Favorite Business Tool:

Slack, Notion, and Telegram

Mike’s Favorite Book:

The Mom Test: How to talk to customers & learn if your business is a good idea when everyone is lying to you By Rob Fitzpatrick


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