How to Build A $25 Million Dollar Ecomm Brand with Clickfunnels w/ Jack Murphy


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23-year-old multimillionaire Jack Murphy is an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. In this episode, Jack walks us through how he built “I Love My Freedom” into a massive brand generating 25 million in sales a year, all by learning how to leverage click funnels and using subscription newsletters to his advantage.

Since the young age of 7 years old, Jack found himself building websites and selling products on eBay. By the time he got to high school, Jack had made his own motivational sports e-commerce brand. When 2015 came around, and Trump announced his run for presidency, Jack had a hunch that he would win, and thus, I Love My Freedom was born.

Tune in to hear Jack’s story…

[01:08] Intro to Jack Murphy

[01:57] Backstory on Jack

[03:14] Pivoting to online marketing

[05:03] Tapping into a movement

[06:56] Framework on using click funnels

[09:15] What a click funnel looks like

[13:58] Next step to monetizing that customer

[17:38] Conversion rate of SMS vs email

[21:17] Subscriptions built around the “I Love My Freedom” brand

[24:11] Providing a physical newsletter

[26:43] Building an e-commerce brand in 2021

[28:26] Favorite tool to grow business

[28:44] Favorite Book

[29:18] Connect with Jack


Connect with Jack:

Jack’s Favorite Business Tool:

  • Clevia

Jack’s Favorite Book:

  • Russel Brunson's Books


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