GE Ep 262 [2020] - Why You Need to Start Thinking Outside the Sales Funnel w Anand Kishore


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Anand Kishore is the CEO and Co-Founder of AspireIQ. AspireIQ plays an instrumental role in helping enterprise brands transform their business through the power of brand communities.

During this interview we discuss:

01:45 - Why and how Anand launched AspireIQ.

4:12 - What exactly does AspireIQ do?

5:17 - He shares their revenue and growth #'s

6:36 - Anand picks one business superpower he wished he had.

8:26 - How and why is it important to build a relationship and investing it in community.

9:31 - He shares 2 examples of top performers when it comes to investing in a community for B2C and B2B.

12:07 - We talk about why community is the future of marketing, customer engagement and brand?

13:24 - How and why you need to identify your high value relationships and how to make them a part of your community.

14:40 - Why its important to take a more holistic approach to community vs just focusing on leads/clients.

15:25 - Anand shares an example of how community can be used to lead a prospect through the buying process.

17:15 - The power of thinking outside of the sale funnel

20:56 - He shares his favorite growth tool/software.

22:00 - Anand recommends one of his favorite book.

Plus a whole lot more1

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