Ep. 40 - ”Pray Away” and the Gospel Coalition‘s Persecution Complex w/ Luke Wilson


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Everybody is talking about Netflix's original documentary "Pray Away," in which ex-leaders and a survivor of the so-called "conversion therapy" movement speak out about its harm to the LGBTQ+ community and its devastating persistence. If you haven't seen it, go ahead and bump it to the top of your queue. Although it's been widely applauded, there are, of course, those who find it offensive, biased, and demeaning to Christianity. I'll bet you can guess a few of the primary critics...

Joining us to talk about one such article is our good friend, and conversion therapy survivor, and LGBTQ+ activist Luke Wilson! He has written extensively about the mental, emotional, and spiritual toll that four years of conversion therapy took on him. He has worked diligently to shine a light on the harmful and dangerous practices employed by institutions like Liberty University, and has made recent appearances on shows like Gangster Capitalism, Straight White American Jesus, Fundie Friday, and many others. Follow Luke on twitter (@wilson_FW) and Instagram (@LukeSlamDunkWilson), and be sure to check out his articles on the subject!

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