211: How Wix.com Uses Data to Show ROI on Learning Programs


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How does a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry translate into the corporate world of Learning and Development? Dr. Eli Bendet-Taicher brings that experience—and many others—into his role as Head of Global Learning and Development at Wix.com. It turns out that his passion for people and his love for research and experiments are the perfect combination!

Eli has more than 21 years of international experience in both technical and educational leadership positions. His career path includes global talent management, human resources, learning & development, coaching, mentorship & leadership, people & performance analytics, product development, data analysis, and storytelling.

As a scientist who believes in data as the driver of the best business decisions, Eli presents a unique approach to Learning and Development that drives organizations to be on top of industry standards in today’s new workplace era.

You’ll discover:

  • Why Eli advocates running L&D like a business
  • How Eli gained the trust of the CEO by demonstrating the value L&D contributes to the bottom line
  • The power of A/B Testing to determine which learning programs produce the best results.
  • Why Eli’s team created their own set of values and the benefits of doing so
  • What Eli looks for when hiring a new person for his team

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