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9/2/22: SEMI FASCIST - THE WANNABE ANTICHRIST SUPERSTAR Last night in Philadelphia, President Joe Biden delivered a rousing speech that sounded like it was written for a Nazi propaganda film with a stage set so very reminiscent of the pomp and grandeur of the Third Reich. The mesmerizing backdrop colors of red and black were utterly terrifying like the speech was being made from Dracula's castle. The Chief-of-State gave an angry discourse where he targeted MAGA supporters and fingered Republicans as election-denying 'extremists' who threaten democracy and need to be fought tooth and nail. He now has to resort to intimidation, something that he always takes the opportunity to accuse his predecessor of. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about SEMI FASCIST - THE WANNABE ANTICHRIST SUPERSTAR. Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis is live M-F from 7-10pm, pacific time, and streamed for free at There is a delayed broadcast on our local Portland affiliate station, KPAM 860, from 9pm-12am, pacific time. For radio affiliates near you, go to To listen by phone: 717-734-6922. To call into the show: 503-225-0860. The transcript of each episode will be posted after the show at In order to access Ground Zero's exclusive digital library which includes archived shows, research groups, videos, documents, and more, you must sign up at Subscriptions start at $7/month. Check out the yearly specials!

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