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The United States and several other countries are realizing the war in Ukraine is not at all successful in weakening Russia, but it is debilitating other countries and moving them into scarcity. And leave it to the Zelensky contingency in coming to Davos and beg for more weapons of war. Using Ukraine as a bloody pawn by the globalists is seriously flawed. Moreover, it is difficult to determine how much Western political leaders and their media mouthpieces actually believe in their own moralistic propaganda. This is not just a Ukraine crisis or what some now call a "Polycrisis" -- it is a humanitarian crisis. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with military analyst, James Ponder about BLOOD PAWNS. #GroundZero #ClydeLewis #bloodpawns Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis is live M-F from 7-10pm, pacific time, and streamed for free at and our online affiliates,,, and There is a delayed broadcast on our local Portland radio station, KPAM 860, from 9pm-12am, pacific time. To leave a message, call our toll-free line at 866-536-7469. To listen by phone: 717-734-6922. To call the live show: 503-225-0860. For Android and iPhones, download the Paranormal Radio app. The transcript of each episode will be posted after the show on our website at In order to access Ground Zero's exclusive digital library which includes webinars, archived shows/podcasts, research groups, videos, documents, and more, you need to sign up at Subscriptions start at $7/month. Check out the yearly specials!

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