Hippies and Freaks Created The Ideal Weed Fest


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As America's most thoroughly freak-powered cannabis festival celebrates its 30th Anniversary, we share a sesh with legendary street activist Vivian McPeak,, who co-founded the Seattle Hempfest in 1991.

From the event's radical roots as a "protestival" occupation of a public park, to the glory days of legends like Jack Herer and Woody Harrelson addressing 100,000+ stoners at 4:20 from the main stage amid a massive cloud of smoke, Vivian explains how a combination of hippie idealism, pothead pragmatism, mutual support and civil disobedience helped establish Seattle Hempfest as a people-powered working model for every freaky weed fest to follow.. Plus the inside story of the first-annual Bong-A-Thon, and a weed pun battle for the ages.

Learn more and get involved at hempfest.org and check out Vivian's podcast Hempresent.


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