#254 ADCC 2022 Injury report, Polaris 21, Finishers Recap


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This week on the show Maine and Miranda discuss some of the injury announcements that have come out of ADCC the week after, plus we recap Polaris 21, Finishers Kombat 3, and Midwest Finishers 9.
In the news section we discuss all of the injury announcements and some final thoughts on ADCC 2022, as well as discuss some of the interview that Maine did with ADCC Ref and Judge Carlos Diaz, regarding some points and calls during the world championships. The interview can be watched here. https://youtu.be/LvSJTlz3tuw
In the recap section of the show we discuss Polaris and their first event outside the UK including the main event versus Jed Hue and Paul Craig that saw a very quick Estima Lock finished. Plus the rest of the main card.
In our recap of Finishers Kombat 3 we discussed the finals matches between Max Hanson and Gavin Corbe that ended in a overtime victory for Max, we discussed Vanessa Griffith take me to Armbar victory and the title and her division, and Brittany Elkin retaining her 170 pound title.
In our recap of Midwest Finishers 9, we discussed the women’s 115 pound straweight final and the mens 135 pound final.
In the previous section of the show we discussed Mikey Musemechi Vs Cleber Sousa for the first One FC title belt at flyweight in the organization.
In the outro section we discussed a Junny Ocasio seminar and post ADCC back home.
Recorded 9-26-2022

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