#94: Dealing with Rejection from a Graduate Job


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Welcome to the 94th episode of the Graduate Job Podcast, the UK’s number 1 careers podcast. Today I take you through the tricky topic of how to deal with rejection when you apply for a graduate job. It’s a topic that you hope you aren’t going to have to deal with, but the simple fact is, at some stage you’re going to get the old ‘thanks but no thanks’ email, and you are going to need to know what to do when it lands through in your inbox. I take you through the 8 stages of dealing with getting rejected from a graduate job, from acknowledging exactly why it hurts, to why you really shouldn’t take it personally. To why you need to step back and be honest with yourself, and how you should go about doing this. I delve into why getting feedback on your performance is so crucial, and just as importantly what you need to then do with that feedback. In this episode I take you step by step through the process from anger and upset at the initial rejection to taking the learning and using it to super charge your graduate job search.

No matter where you are in your job search, if you’ve started applying, or still thinking about which jobs to apply to, if you’ve not had a rejection yet or if you have a stack of them, this is an episode which you aren’t going to want to miss. Now the only link you need to remember from today is www.graduatejobpodcast.com/rejection, as that has all the links to everything which we discuss and a full transcript which you can download, so make sure you head on over there.

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