#92: When is the best time to apply for a graduate job?


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Hello and welcome to the 92nd episode of the Graduate Job Podcast. In today’s episode I tackle a listener question, which is when is the best time to apply for a graduate job? Is it better to apply during your final year, or once you have graduated? In this episode I take you through the pros and cons of when you should start applying. We cover when graduate schemes are open from, why applicants often underestimate the work required to apply for a graduate job, and why you need to think carefully about if you have capacity to apply for jobs whilst you are in your final year. I delve into some of the advantages of applying early, such as the skills and experience you learn from an early application, how it might reset your expectations about how difficult the application will be, and how it could be worth applying early if you don’t think you will get a 2.1. Finally, I explore why ultimately you should ignore any peer pressure and only apply for graduate jobs when you have capacity and are ready. No matter where you are on your job search, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. As always you can find a full transcript with all the links from today in the show notes at www.graduatejobpodcast.com/when.


  • When graduate schemes open and close, and why you need to make sure you apply early
  • Why applying in your final year might be best if you think you will get a 2:2
  • How most graduates underestimate the work required to apply successfully for graduate jobs
  • Why you need to disregard peer pressure and what your friends are doing, and apply when is best for you
  • Why you need to be making the most of your time at university

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