#83: A Smarter Graduate Job Search, with John Lees


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Hello and welcome to the 83rd of the episode of the Graduate Job Podcast where I am re-joined on the show by career expert John Lees as we discuss having a smarter search for a graduate job. John shares some absolute job search advice gold in this episode as we cover hints and tips for how you can be smarter and more efficient in how you go about getting a graduate job. We explore the idea of your ‘confidence window’ when you apply for jobs, what it is and why it is crucially important. We delve into rookie mistakes that most graduates make when they apply for a graduate job, and how you can avoid them to set yourself apart from the crowd. We touch upon dealing with rejection when you apply for a graduate job, and how to interpret the responses (or lack of responses) that you might get from an employer. No matter where you are in your jobsearch, if you’ve started applying, or still thinking about which jobs to apply to, this is an episode which you aren’t going to want to miss. Now the only link you need to remember from today is https://www.graduatejobpodcast.com/smart, as that has all of the links to everything which we discuss and a full transcript which you can download, so make sure you head on over there.

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  • Hints and tips for having a smarter graduate job search
  • What your ‘confidence window’ is, and why it is crucially important when you are applying for graduate jobs
  • The top ‘myths’ you need to avoid when you are applying for a graduate job
  • The rookie mistakes that most graduates make when they apply for a graduate job
  • Why ‘following your curiosity’ is the golden rule which will help you find a graduate job you love
  • How you need to interpret a rejection you receive for a graduate job
  • Learn why focussing too much on your recent academic experience is a rookie mistake when applying for a graduate job

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