#78: How to Get a Graduate Job with Mars


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Hello and welcome to the 78th episode of the Graduate Job Podcast, and boy do we have a goodie for you today as have part 2 of my 2 part special delving into the exciting graduate opportunities available with global confectionery and food giant Mars. Last week in part 1 we were joined by Fabio Alings who shared his experiences on the Mars Leadership Experience graduate scheme, and his 10-year journey from fresh-faced graduate to Global Director for one of their biggest brands. After whetting your appetite last week, this week we explore exactly what you need to do to get a graduate job with Mars, as I am joined on the show by Andrew Sharp, European Head of Early Talent at Mars. In our detailed interview, we dive into all aspects of the application process for the Mars graduate schemes and exactly what you need to do to bag that graduate job. We go step by step through the application process, from the grades you need to apply to how to stand out in the online application. We cover the different stages from the Skype interview to the online tests through to what to expect in the assessment centre itself, with its case study and face to face interviews. You’ll learn insider secrets for how you can stand out and put yourself head and shoulders above the other applicants, as you learn how to avoid being one of the 40% of people who fail at each step of the process. No matter if you have listened to episode one, or not thought in the past about applying to Mars, this is an episode that you won't want to miss. Now don’t worry about trying to remember everything you hear today, as a full transcript of today’s show and all the links we discuss can be found over in the show notes at www.graduatejobpodcast.com/Mars2. From there you will also find links to all of the other 77 episodes of the show which cover every aspect of getting a graduate job, from help with interviews, assessment centres, to specific companies, to finding a job you love, to dealing with stress as you look for a graduate job. If it’s graduate job related, I have an episode on it. And If I haven’t got an episode on a subject, let me know and I will record one.

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  • How to get a graduate job with Mars
  • What to expect throughout the application process when you apply for a graduate job with Mars
  • How to impress in your online application
  • The secrets for standing out in the Mars graduate assessment centre
  • Exactly what Mars are looking for from their graduates
  • How to impress in the Skype and face to face interviews
  • Learn how and why 40% of applicants fall at each stage of the application process

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