#115: How Jack got 2 graduate jobs in accounting


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For the 115th episode of the Graduate Job Podcast, I speak with a listener of the show Jack, as he shares his experiences of applying for graduate jobs, specifically in finance and accounting with the Big 4 and a host of other firms. Jack is an alumnus of the How to Get a Graduate Job course, and a current final year student, and he shares his insights of how he juggled the applications with his uni work, the struggles he went through, advice at each stage of the process, including just how long you can expect to have to wait between stages, errors and mistakes that he made along the way, and his advice of what you need to do to get a graduate job. No matter what type of graduate job you are applying to, accounting and finance through to banking or consulting and anything in between, Jack will be sharing insider tips to help you perform and stand out from the crowd. Now the only link you need to remember today, other than www.howtogetagraduatejob.com is www.graduatejobpodcast.com/Jack which has all of the links to everything we discuss today. So without further ado, let's head across to my chat with Jack.


  • How to impress when you apply to the big 4
  • What you need to do with your initial graduate application
  • Tips to balance juggling applications and academic work
  • What you can expect from a partner interview
  • Why Jack joined the How to Get a Graduate Job course
  • His advice for how you can stand out when you apply for a graduate job

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