7. Trading the C-Suite for Total Freedom with Keith Johns


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Keith Johns had it all: The C-suite job title, family, house, cars…and still, he felt a calling he couldn’t ignore. He knew he was meant to serve humanity in a very different way. He took the leap to hire a coach and began the process of shedding his good-on-paper career for one that lit him up and serves the world – his own coaching business. He quickly grew his Side Hustle to $10K/months and traded the C-suite for a life of total freedom. Now, Keith runs his own company as a Performance Coach for people in Tech and lives with more abundance and freedom than ever before.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to run a side hustle with a demanding, executive level career.
  • How to be financially smart about taking the leap into entrepreneurship.
  • What the emotional roller coaster is really like…and why it’s worth it.

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