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A raw, fun, live, candid, and interactive dating experience unlike ever before, bringing matchmaking to the center stage - the Updating show!

The Updating Show has been featured on the New York Post, The Hollywood Reporter, The Today Show and Time magazine to name a few publications - sweeping the dating scene with its interactive comedy style show, making it a must try for singles willing to leave their inhibitions behind.

Co-creator, Harrison Forman joins me this week to spill the tea on the show and dating in New York City. He drops exclusive news of an upcoming partnership with a new dating app, HUD, and what the future of the show entails.

Harrison also shares his NYC story; best dating tips in the city, how the Updating Show began, success stories from the show, what he is looking for in a partner, and so much more.

Get an exclusive and raw look behind the scenes to one of the co-creators of the Updating Show, with possibly more to come with its other creator, Brandon Bermon. Send your questions!

Statistics have men using online dating more so than women, surprisingly, but according to co-creator Harrison Forman of the Updating Show - women participate more than men on the show and on-stage for their show, while also filling up the audience. So…


The Updating Show is an inclusive show to all and encourages checking out their website for more casting details.

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