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New Yorkers in LA - do you feel the heat already on this topic or is it just the weather!? This topic never gets old and there’s so much to learn from those who call these places home as well as their fascinating stories.

My guest today, @danielzahler started a movement to unite New Yorkers in Los Angeles. That’s right, The New York Times picked up Daniel’s unique, yet much needed community of New Yorkers, who have made the transition to Los Angeles and who have connected through a What’s App group of 250 ppl (with a waitlist to join) called, NYC in LA.

Why he started this community and more on what his New York & LA story is - you’ll have to tune into the episode for that. However, what I can share is that Daniel has so many tips for both coasts along with pizza recommendations that will have you wanting to visit both cities to confirm.

Daniel is a Harvard graduate in Chemistry & Chemical Biology, and has a JD from Harvard Law School. He even had a fellowship at Yale Medical School. He knows his east coast and is currently making his best life in the west coast while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Also did I mention, he not only offers multiple quotes on New York City, but he also shares a poem intertwining the city and Burning Man as one. Queue the heat and enjoy the episode!
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